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Thursday, December 17

Patong Beach and People Watching on Bangla Road

I booked my plane tickets three months prior to my hotel. And I changed the reservation after reading more about the location of the various beaches and proximity to nightlife. We decided we wanted to be within walking distance of a lot of street markets, bars and shops. The first hotel I booked was a 15 minute drive to Patong Beach, which meant a long walk.

Where we stayed:

After a little more research I came across the Fisherman's Harbour Urban Resort. It was a beautiful hotel near a night market, tons of shops and massage parlors and a 10 minute stroll to Bangla Road-- the hub of nightlife in Phuket. It had a "soft" opening a few months ago and is in the final stages of construction. I wouldn't even call it construction, it is undergoing "decorations". 

The outdoor spaces are beautiful. The pool, outdoor spa, swim-up bar and grill area decorated nicely. 

The breakfast is very good, with both breakfast, brunch, Thai food-- even kimchi. It is open from 6:30am to 10:30am every morning. Ask for a breakfast box if you plan on checking out early.

Street Food, Massages and Shopping

There is a large street food/ clothing market in front of the hotel. We ate there every night but two. We ate on Bangla Road one night and at the Hard Rock Cafe the other night. They lured us in with great music. We don't usually eat at places like the Hard Rock because outside of the United States they are really expensive, but I gotta give it to them, that burger was the bomb.

Bangla Road & Patong Nightlife

This is the heart of Phuket and must be experienced both during the day and then at night when it is closed to traffic. Lots of neon lights, dancers and beer and cocktails are really cheap. If you prefer not to drink, then just go for the great people watching.

Phuket's walking street truly comes alive at night from 6pm to 6am. You really have to see it and experience it for yourself. There is so much going on, you don't know where to rest your eyes. 

Bars line both side of the street and you constantly have someone coming up to you, trying to entice you into their bar with free "ping pong/ sexy" show. There are no cover charges, but the drink prices are inflated, so be prepared to bargain. All the clubs have drinking girls like the one above who will talk you to death before asking you to buy them a drink.

Nona was originally from Vietnam. She talked to both my husband for 15 minutes until he got up to use the toilet. Then she asked ME to buy her a drink. I didn't, but I left her a tip for her time.

The street is very busy and very noisy, each bar/club is playing their own music and some even have karaoke. Most bars have pole dancers that you can watch from the road. There are also some street performers, fire eaters, magicians, virtual reality games and the infamous "lady boys". 

Lady boys are Thai boys by day and dressed to the nines in ladies clothes at night. Be aware that they don't expect to be photographed for free.  

Bangla Road is not for everyone, but I strongly recommend that you stroll from one end to the other at least once with an open mind and a cheap beer.

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